ShopStyle Emerging Designer Contest Winner - Ariel Gordon

I'm beyond excited about this. Here's an excerpt from my entry:

"In these tough economic times, it can be intimidating to be a young female entrepreneur. Juggling start up fees, the rising cost of raw materials, and the over-saturation of the marketplace many young designers could become overwhelmed or too scarred to even try. But being a jewelry designer is a dream of mine, a passion that I’ve had for many years. These tough conditions have left me undaunted and I am even more committed to creating my designs and making classic jewelry that women love to wear daily. My vision is to create simple yet bold pieces that can be integrated into various personal styles. I am inspired by nature, art, architecture, and the inherent beauty of my raw materials..."

Thanks so much to Melissa and everyone at ShopStyle.

P.S. To celebrate my big win, I'm offering 25% off all jewelry at www.arielgordonjewelry.com. Just enter SHOPSTYLE during check out.


  1. I am going to use that discount offer immediately. I love your Fatty Ring.

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