It's soft and shiny..

I don't know about you, but my purse is a black hole. My phone can be in it and I can hear it ringing, I can feel it vibrating, I can see the blinking of a light but I inevitably can never locate the actual phone until whoever calls me hangs up (but not before listening to enough of my answering machine that it leaves a blank voice mail...thanks mom). It's a never ending battle. I tend to throw just about everything in my purse (not limited to 5 or 6 kinds of lip gloss, my moleskin calendar, a bottle of water, my wallet, keys, tic tacs - the white kind, enough quarters to do a month's worth of laundry, a scarf, pens, girlie stuffs, a notebook, a sweater... you get the idea).
Something else that is always floating around in my purse is jewelry in various stages of completion. My studio is in downtown LA and I'm always running around picking things up. I'll have chains, stones, charms, jump rings - a veritable sea of little zip lock baggies. The sensible side of me (the side that as a little kid would get really excited about the first day of school because that meant that I could go to Staples and get new Trapper Keepers and various other organizational aides) always thought that I should have a more secure way of transporting all of my jewelry components. Well today I got one.

I picked up this awesome leather pouch at one of my favorite stores in LA... OK on West Third. It's soft and supple and shinny and I love it. It's made by a local designer called Dosa and it was totally affordable ($33!!).

The silver also looks great with another fab purchase from OK - my Comme des Garcons wallet.
It will be perfect for safeguarding all my jewelry bits and hopefully prevent me from ever having to dump my purse out on a table to find things again. Hopefully...

Image c/o OK

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