Maya Brenner Designs

When I decided I wanted to pursue jewelry as a career it was a really scary moment in my life. I didn't know anything about how to start a retail business. I didn't know how to source my materials, how to price my items, how to deal with buyers, how to use Quickbooks - nothing. I barely knew how to make jewelry! All I knew was that I felt a sense of satisfaction seeing people wear my jewelry that I had never felt before. I wanted the freedom of being my own boss and I wanted to be the one to reep the benefits of all my hard work. To help ease into being self-employed, I decided to send my resume out to every LA-based jewelry designer I could think of and ask if any of them needed an assistant. I got a bunch of responses but I hit it off with one in particular. It couldn't have been a better match... Maya Brenner. Over 2 years later and we're still going strong!!

So in addition to running the one-woman AGJ show, I also work full-time with Maya who is one of the most talented and kind people I know. An 11 year industry veteran, she knows the ins and outs of the business better than most. She has taught me so much and has been nothing but supportive of my collection. Plus she has two of the cutest kids ever who I've been lucky enough to watch grow up.

This week Maya Brenner Designs is launching a brand new collection just in time for Mother's Day. We put in many long hours and I think it paid off. A lot of the new pieces are really delicate and chic and I can't stop wearing them. Check them out!!

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