Photo 101

In an attempt to keep the photography for AGJ in house (that shiz is expensive!), I started looking for a local class because I realized that I am clueless when it comes to taking a decent picture. Fstop? White balance? ISO? No clue... I just throw my ghetto point and shoot on auto and keep my fingers crossed.
So this weekend I was lucky enough to take a photography class taught by Nicole Hill. You might know her from her blog A Little Sussy, one of my daily reads. Let me just say... she knows her stuff. Trained as both a photographer and a chef, Nicole has a keen eye and takes the most amazing pictures of food, babies, weddings, lifestyle, and portraits. She was very thorough in breaking down the concepts. She gave us a detailed handout with lots of info and tips. She even brought in a model so we could try taking pictures in different lighting situations. It was a lot to absorb in one day and I think I will need lots of practice but I made a giant leap forward. Thanks Nicole. You're the best!!!

PS In a funny twist of fate, I ended up sitting next to the fabulous Tristan from The Brightside Project - a great website with daily giveaways you must check out now (that recently featured an Ariel Gordon Jewelry giveaway)! Tristan and I have one of those modern-day relationships where we've emailed a bunch of times and collaborated on a few different projects but never actually have met face to face. I didn't even know she was taking the class until she sat down next to me and introduced herself. The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me!

all images c/o Nicole Hill

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