One day...

In my dream world, I would live within walking distance to a store that I would own. Every morning, I would wake up with Carrie Bradshaw curls and throw on something effortlessly fabulous then walk over to said store with my dog in tow (in my dream I would live in a house that allowed dogs). It would be a cozy place that would sell my jewelry (of course!), delicious tea, and fresh flowers. I imagine it would look something like a cross between Saipua (an amazing floral / handmade soap / home wares store in Brooklyn)

and Teapod (a delicious tea bar in San Anselmo)

I know they have 2 completely different looks, but I think I could pull it off. I have a vision! Now if only I could find a way to make something like this profitable....

Now for some flower eye candy - some Saipua arrangements:

Saipua images c/o The Scout and Saipua
Teapod images c/o Teapod

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