Drum roll please!!

After 6 weeks of deliberating, I finally finished designing my engagement ring and this weekend was the first time that I wore it out in the world. I had a hard time deciding what type of ring I wanted. I tried on a million different rings (ok maybe more like 75) and none of them felt right. A lot of the more traditional / classic rings are so beautiful but when I put them on my hand and looked down, I just didn't relate to them. So I ended up designing it myself and I love!! I went with a very simple, modern design. The round diamond is bezel set in platinum with a thin band and a little bit of pave under the diamond. I have to say, I catch myself staring down at my hand a little googly eyed. It's just so shiny!!

Now that the ring is done it's on to planning the wedding. This may take a while....

At least I already know that I'm going to want one of these wedding ring pillows by 5eizen to walk my creation down the aisle to me. Aren't these amazing!!!

Wedding ring pillow - check! Now only 1000 more details to go.

Images c/o me and 5eizen


  1. Wow Niiiice choice! The gallery makes for so much light to get up underneath that diamond, you probably get more sparkle than most...I love it!

  2. oh my...that is a seriously amazing ring!

    ps thanks for the sweet post about audrey's party...


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