Fun with Bikes

I have gone on more bike rides in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years. I love it! My bike is an old men's Columbia vintage-y looking thing that I got on Craigslist awhile back. The breaks sound like a horn, the horn doesn't honk, and the gears won't shift. So now I've got new bike on the brain (don't worry... I'm not talking about some hard core fixed gear action. I'm talking cruiser that I can ride to the Farmers Market). Browsing Fashion Nation, I came across the UK company Bobbin Bicycles. They have some seriously amazing bikes (and some great styling in their model shots).
Some classic Dutch styling in fun pastel colors.

This little yellow guy has tulips painted on it. Very countryside chic.

Alexander Girard images on bikes. Shut the front door!!! That white Tree of Life one is too cute!!
Now if only I had £640 and LA was a more bike friendly city...

images c/o Bobbin

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