Man Shops Globe

Sundance's new show Man Shops Globe chronicles the shopping adventures of Keith Johnson, the buyer-at-large for Anthropologie. Traveling the world from London to Tunisia, Johnson is in search of decorative objects, furniture and textiles, as well as artists and craftspeople, bringing back ideas and art pieces for the store’s 123 locations nationwide. It is a clever alliance of travel porn and furniture porn... set your Tivos for Oct 7th at 10pm.

In honor of the show, here are some of my favorite Anthro displays. They don't always have the best clothes (the fit can be weird) but their merchandising is always stunning.
T is for teacup via Amy turn sharp

An ombre array of ripped T shirts via Small Acorn

Taking the dogs for a walk via Flickr

A day in the garden via flickr

A day at the farm via Breakfast at Anthropologie

Your typical ribbon flutter window via flickr

Honey bee love via MSLK

Milk jugs via Apartment Therapy

Festive balls and garlands via Design*Sponge (along with DIY instructions)

More holiday cheer via Flickr

Books via Little Ant Design

Feathers (both real and wood veneer) via Ahn Minh

Mason jar lights via Apartment Therapy (along with DIY instructions)

Plastic cups... via Apartment Therapy

Yes... that is sliced bread. via Pattern Pulp

Princess and the pea via Hue Consulting

PS Not only does Johnson date Glen Senk, the CEO of Anthro's parent company Urban Outfitters Inc, but according to the New York Times they've been together since they were teens. "'I moved next door to him, at age 9, and the first day I saw him, I fell in love with him,' Mr. Senk said. 'It was otherworldly. I felt sparks all over my body. Literally, I saw stars. He was the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful person. I feel like that 44 years later.'" As for Keith Johnson: "'It took a few years to convince me,' Mr. Johnson said. 'He didn't convince me until I was 12.'" Congratulations, Anthropologie: You are still the most adorable brand in America.

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