Sky lanterns

While traditional Asian fire lanterns seem perfectly dreamy to have at a wedding, I just can't get past the obvious fire hazard as well as the fact that they have a thin wire support that could land somewhere and harm local wild life. Too bad...


  1. Hi Ariel

    They are not a fire hazard at all.

    Some countries have put a temporary ban on them,but i think this is down to ignorance,rather than hard fact.

    They will not return to the earth unless the flame has been extinguished,and even then will float down very slowly.

    There has not been not one reported case,as far as i am aware,of any harm done to wildlife or even domesticated animals.

    The very thin wires will biodegrade in quite a short period of time ( 2 weeks i read in one report ) and have far less impact on wildlife than,say, a plastic bag.


  2. I want to have them in my wedding, I think it is better that having birds fly!


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