Normally I'm against spending exorbitant amounts of money of coffee table books. But seeing as the re-release of Helmut Newton's iconic Sumo tome is the bargain basement price of $150 (the original is $15,000) I might have to make an exception.
The $15,000 original with it's Phillipe Stark designed stand. According to Taschen, the 10,000 limited edition book is "the biggest and most expensive book in history."

The $150 10th anniversary re-release. Nearly the same book (same images and only slightly smaller dimensions) with what appears to be a Lucite or acrylic stand. And for the bargain hunter out there (aka me) you can buy it on Amazon for $94.50.

On another note...

Style Section LA reported on a controversial window display at LA's Alpha Male. Apparently the Newton camp finds this to be in poor taste. I wonder if it's because of the mannequin's landing strip?

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