Tea Time

I pretty much start everyday with a cup of tea and I am a bit particular about it. I usually drink the green variety (jasmine green, matcha, sencha), sometimes mint or English breakfast... but never anything fruity or tropical. If it's a work day, I boil the water, let it steep, pour it into my thermos and then wait a good 30 minutes to an hour while I drive to the studio before I take my first sip (as I've mentioned before I've got a totally irrational fear of burning my tongue). If it's a lazy weekend morning, I microwave the water for 1:30 so I can drink it a little sooner.

Either way, I think one of these traditional Chinese style teapots by the traditional Dutch brand Pols Potten is in order.

Available in silver, gold, or white at BijzonderMOOI for €37,95

via Oh Joy!
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