I'm sitting in my living room working on updating the AGJ website and I'm shivering it's soooo cold (hyperbolically speaking. I'm in LA right now and I will be visiting my Chicago family later this week for Thanksgiving. I don't think they would take kindly to my saying it's 55 degrees out and cold). Either way, I'm wishing I had one of these ethanol-burning indoor fireplaces. Apparently since it doesn't give off any smoke it doesn't need a chimney. Sold!

via decor8


  1. We can't get this fireplace until we get rid of our other indoor fireplace. Just like your pillow collection, one comes in one must go out.

  2. Have you been hiding a fireplace from me for the last 5 years? I didn't know we had one...

  3. yes yes, please don't complain about your "chilly" weather! ... unless of course you are complaining to showcase this genious idea for a fireplace ... ok ok, carry on ;-)


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