A New York State of Mind

So one of the highlights of my New York trip was bumping into Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist on the corner of 5th Ave near Central Park. He wasn't taking anyone's picture... just standing there waiting for inspiration to strike. I'm not the type to get star struck (I used to work in PR and met my fair share of celebs) but I definitely got a little bit googly eyed. I tried to compose myself a bit (which is nearly impossible when the wind is so out of control that my hair starts to resemble Diana Ross') and I went up to him and introduced myself. And get this.... HE REMEMBERED ME FROM HIS LA BOOK SIGNING!!! Are you kidding me??? That was weeks ago! And in a different city! I guess it might have helped because I brought some jewelry goodies to the signing to give to his sweat heart Garance Dore. She wasn't there so Scott had to play messenger.

Isn't she just the cutest thing!? Anyways, Scott and I chatted for about 5 minutes which was a bit surreal. Then I had to scurry off to catch my flight. It all felt very New York with my jet set , luxe street encounters. To top it all off, I received a sweet little email from Scott and Garance yesterday thanking me for my little care package. I die!

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