One Lovely Blog Award

I'm not usually into chain letters or things that you have to pass on "or you'll have bad luck for one year" but this one makes me smile. I started blogging a few months ago as a way to keep track of all the things that inspire me and I never thought I would stick with it this long. I'm so glad that I have because I've met a lot of great people and it's really fun to look back through my posts to see what I was digging.

Jackie over at Absolutely Not Martha sent some blog love my way and I'd love to spread that love around. So here are 21 other bloggers (in no particular order) that are in my daily rotation that I'd like to give One Lovely Blog Award and hope they spread the love around too:


  1. Wow, thanks so much ariel! It means a lot. :) I'm going to start working on my list right now!!

  2. Thank you for including me. I feel famous.

  3. Just came across this, thanks so much!! :)

  4. So nice of you, thank you!! Can't wait to post about my initial necklace--I'm waiting for nice weather to take some decent pictures!


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