Signing off

Alex and I are off to spend the holidays with my family in Chicago. I'm really excited to go see all of my aunties and cousins and nieces and nephews! My parents are going to be flying in from SD so it's going to be a good time. My mom is a real light sleeper so I picked up one of these masks a la Holly Golightly to help her out during the trip.

These pictures by Bob Willoughby are in honor of my mom. She has always loved Audrey Hepburn. Until her mid 20s, my mom was a ballet dancer (like Audrey) and I think she feels a kinship with her. They are both beautiful, sensitive, and creative women... birds that can't be caged if you will. She tears up almost every time she sees her and tends to coo "My Audrey..." in a bit of a lament now that she's gone. Here are some pictures of Audrey with her pet deer Pippin (or Ip for short). Can't wait to see you mom!

images c/o Bob Willoughby via Dress, Design, Decor

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