Dress... check!

Last Sunday... in the wee hours of the morning... in the freezing cold... for over 4 hours... my dear friends Carrie and Kristin and my mom stood in line with me. Why you ask? For the Monique Lhuillier sample sale. I'd like to preface this by saying that is the longest I've ever stood in line for anything and if this weren't for me I probably wouldn't have lasted. I have me some good friends. I'd also like to preface this by saying that I'm not the type of girl who has been dreaming of my wedding dress for years. I just want something that is comfortable and that makes me look pretty, nothing too embellished or poofy. Just elegant and classic. I'd also like to add that I'll be wearing it for less than 6 hours so have a hard time justifying spending a huge amount of money on it. Enter one of the main advantages of living in LA - the sample sale. I mean at this point I hardly buy anything full price anymore. Clothes, shoes, purses, linens, make up, furniture... I digress.
So after standing in the never ending icicle line, we finally made it inside. There were hundreds of dresses to choose from and I took my sweet ass time after all that waiting. 2 hours and about 40 dress later I walked out with a winner!!! It was $1000 marked down from $6800. That was still a little more money than I would have liked to spend but it's still cheaper than the other J. Crew dresses I'd looked at a while back. Plus it's a Monique Lhuillier dress! I'm not going to post any pictures because Alex reads this but I will say that it's all kinds of pretty. Job well done team!

(I'm in that picture somewhere. Please note this is the 2nd leg of the line. It wraps around the corner. We got there at 9am and there were already about 250 people in line. It started at 10. Fml. It was pretty cute though... as brides walked out with their new dresses, the line would start clapping and cheering and bride would usually do a little jig holding up the dress victoriously).

images c/o Racked LA


  1. Did you do a jig/get applause? I would have loved to seen an exhausted shopping jig.

  2. I am impressed by your stamina. Thank goodness you found one.


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