Edward Sharpe

A few nights ago I headed over to the Mayan Theater to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (here's a video of them performing on KCRW if you're not familiar with them). Let me just say it was an experience chock full of jam band-y-ness, native americans playing the whale jawbone,  the yellow brick road, weird hippie dancing, underage lesbians, and a jumping good time.  I'll let some pictures by The Cobrasnake explain things

Where's Ariel in this picture? Can you find her?

all images c/o The Cobrasnake

ps I just figured out how to upload bigger pictures. very exciting  news in the AGJ Blog world


  1. I found you! That dude next to you is exceedingly creepy. Look at the bevy of 16 year olds crowding the stage.
    You also didn't mention sitting on the floor for a song. I would qualify that as an "experience"

  2. Edward Sharpe is my fave. I almost made it to the concert... a head cold held me home. Argh.


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