Fresh Cut Flowers

One of my must have splurges is fresh cut flowers. They make all the difference when you walk into a room. If I can't make it to my local farmer's market on Sunday morning (my favorite spot for flowers and  produce) then I'll pick up a bunch or two at TJs or Vons.  I never buy the assorted bunches because those always  have weird proportion, are in some fug colorway and cost more. Whole Foods can also suck it with their $15 bunches of flowers.  They aren't any different than my TJs flowers for $4.99. I'm on to you Whole Foods.

Anyway...I love the idea of a DIY Bodega Flower arrangement class that the ladies over at Blossom and Branch recently taught over in the NYC.
 I also love the craft paper DIY workstations created by Love, Jenna.  SOOO cute. Am I the only one getting really into hand drawn calligraphy lately?
Looks like my kind of party!

{via 100 Layer Cake}

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  1. you're so right about the nice DIY workstations. so cool and what a great idea! that post really wants me to go and take a workshop. have to check out my area here on what's available.


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