If the shoe fits

So it all started when I was in Italy last summer. Everywhere I looked, super fashionable ladies, young and old, were all wearing these Birkenstock Gizeh sandals.Correction... they were all wearing them in candy apple red or white patent leather. I became convinced that Birkenstock's were no longer just for hippies and people who stay in hostels. So when I returned stateside I got me a pair. I went with the plain brown version. While I was sure I would usher these puppies into the US and convince peeps that they are cool, I didn't think my fellow Americans were ready for the canary yellow versions I saw in Italia. To my surprise, I started to get compliments on them from other lovely ladies. 
I even saw an appearance on The Sartorialist (not that I am at insinuating that I am as chic or dreamy as this leggy lady). But really, I gave myself a little pat on the back.
Point - Ariel. 
Please note... the first 2 weeks breaking these in should be an outlawed form of torture. I mean I know that they are supposed to have all sorts of orthopedic benefits but it felt like someone with very tiny fists was beating up the soles of my feel, like a boxer training with a speed bag. There should be a warning on the box.
Point - Birkenstock

I digress. My foray into the world of granny-shoe-turned-fashionista-footwear may have run away with me because now I'm considering purchasing all kinds of g-s-t-f-f with wooden soles. Case in point:
The Studio Choo girls (some of my favorite Bay area florists) just began selling these Ugglebo Swedish clogs that they wear when creating their beautiful arrangements. They're on their feet all day so I figure they must be uber comfy in addition to being pretty darn cute. At $85 I might have to get a pair.

I know that Swedish Hasbeens have been seen all over the blog.  But how fun is that picture?  They're so hip even Urban is selling them. Hmmm. Tempting but these babies are pricey. $375 for the shorties!
Now at $398 these Coclico clog ankle boots are still a bit of a financial commitment.  But they are more girlie than the Hasbeens and they are pretty darn cute. Good thing they are sold out.

Jennifer over at Luckymag.com ponders my dilemma... to clog boot to not to clog boot. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. 


  1. I have discovered your blog through "A Cup of Jo" and decided to peak through other posts...My god a fellow clog lover...Do buy some!! I bought my first pair when I was 16 years old and loved them!!! Still have them too, a shoe I am too fond off...I'm so inpired by your post I'll have to update my clogs now, but will always hang onto my first pair not that the children will appreciate them ;-) or my partner!!

  2. i am absolutely loving the green ones to the left... i want them

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