Nicole's Classes

So I just want to let all ya'll know that if you get a chance to take a class from the lovely Nicole Hill Gerulat of A Little Sussy fame JUST DO IT!!! A while back I took her Photo 101 class which was super informative for someone who is a major photography beginner like me.  Nicole is beyond talented and  so cute. She and I became friendly and she ended up taking some great pictures of my jewelry that you can see here.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take 4 classes during her Art Weekend LA. I took Digital Workflow for Photographers (kind of dry material but super informative), Illustrator: Pretty Paper Products (um hello.. wedding projects?!), Illustrator: Making a Pattern (I can't believe how cool this class was), and Screenprinting. (I made my own tote bag)! In most of the classes I sat next to the beautiful Tristan  (aka the brainpower behind  The Bright Side Project) and she and I chatted about all our crafty desires and goals. My mind is spinning with the possibilities of all the different ways I can use my news skills. If only I had more time in the day...


  1. so glad you could come! thanks for a sweet post. hope the wedding plans go well!

  2. hello Ariel you have a lovely blog, weird I haven't been here before :) loved the photos of your pretty jewelry, Nicole is so talented and now your pieces are pure eye candy ^_^


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