Oh eBay

So in an attempt to make my wedding look something like this one, I've gone a bit eBay crazy with the whole hobnail milk glass thing.  In my defense, I did thorough rounds of the LA flea market scene and things there were way more expensive (although I did pick up a cute cake stand for $40).  

Exhibit A - vintage milk glass fluted vase.  It was only $.99! SCORE!! Except shipping was $10.99. Oh eBay.

Exhibit B - 8 piece lot of milk glass. Claims to be Fenton.  $25 with $15 shipping.  I don't really need any S&P shakers, so that eats up 2 of the 8 pieces right there. The vases are pretty cute although I'm not so good at reading descriptions because I didn't realize that the one on the top, second from the left is actually a perfume bottle with some rank 80 year old stuff in it. So when I opened the box it was a full on olfactory assault. Oh eBay.

Exhibit C - Lot of 9 vintage milk glass vases.  Claims that some are signed.  $20 with $15 shipping.  This is my latest acquisition so I have yet to receive it. This one seems most promising though. All of the items are actually flower vessels and not weird, too small plates.  I'll keep you posted.

Oh eBay.


  1. Good news is we can store all of these items in our new storage space. Otherwise I would be freaking out because you are breaking the "buy a vase recycle a vase" policy and we have no where to keep them.

  2. My friends had a wedding where all the table centerpieces were milk glass vases (filled with flowers, obvi) that the bride's mother had collected over the years. It was so beautiful and definitely memorable.

  3. haha this post made me laugh...I get whims of eBay obsessions and bid on things I don't need!


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