Terry Richardson + The Situation

I don't know about you, but I'm brave enough to admit that one of my guilty pleasures was watching the train wreck that was The Jersey Shore. Fist pumping and GTL (gym-tan-laundry) routine aside, I couldn't get enough of their mannerisms.  "Yeah we smushed" translated into they had intercourse.  "This place is crawling with juiced up gorillas" translated into there are handsome, muscular men here that take steroids. You can't write that stuff if you tried! I don't even care that half the cast isn't Italian.  Such bad entertainment can feel so good sometimes. 
The choice to have Terry Richardson photograph the guys for the newest issue of Interview, however, seems like an odd coupling. Interview bills themselves as a magazine with "conversations between some of the most creative minds from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment." The cast of TJS would not fall into that category in my mind. Here's a sneak at the pics:
Black and white is so brooding.
Pauly D
That is an inappropriate v neck Vinny.
The Situation

PS Technology is amazing. I am writing this mid-flight from LAX - JFK. Thank you Virgin America. 

{images c/o Terry Richardson}


  1. What were the people next to you on the plane thinking?!! :) Funny post Ag.

  2. They were probably thinking how awesome the concept of G-T-L is. I would also like to note how amazing all of those guys' jeans are - I think there is more ripped square footage than actual denim.

  3. I'm sure it was along the lines of " Why is this curly haired girl is looking at weird guido porn in public?"


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