Fleas Please

One of my favorite things about living in LA is that pretty much on any given weekend you are within a 40 minute drive of some fabulous flea market. 

On the 1st Sunday of every month you have the less pretentious Pasadena City College Flea.
On the 2nd Sunday of every month you have the holy grail of fleas, the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
On the 3rd Sunday of every month you have the lesser known but pretty good Long Beach Flea
On the 1st and 4th Sunday of every month you have the Santa Monica Flea which I have yet to attend, even though I live in Santa Monica. Weird. 

I've spent many a Sunday roaming around these fleas, looking for very specific things or nothing in particular. You never know what you're going to find (and if you're like me) you never know what a fair price is.  I've been lucky to get some great deals (for example a Sputnkik chandelier for $65 that now lives in my bedroom).  But I've also been taken for a ride by some nasty vendors. I've often wished I had someone who could show me the ropes. Enter Eddie Ross. Yes Eddie Ross of Top Design fame.

He's going to be in LA this Sunday at the Rose Bowl doing a "How to shop like a pro" class.  I've been to the RB many a time, but I'm sure I'll see it in a whole new light after Eddie shares his tips and tricks.  Tickets are going fast (it's $55 per person, including admission). Email Jaithan for a spot. Click over to Apartment Therapy to see their round up of his last LA visit.

I'll be there bright and early with my crafting buddy Tristan (of The Bright Side Project and Blah Blah Blahg). I don't know about Tristan, but I'll be on the look out for fun wedding trinkets and good jewelry display things for my NY Press Preview trip at the end of the month. You should join us!!


  1. I've heard such great things about the Long Beach flea, but our timing never quite works. Pasadena's a great one too, so I'm excited to shop with you! See you Sunday! There are also a few spots left if anyone else wants to join us! Just email jaithan@eddieross.com. See you at the Rose Bowl!


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  3. Long Beach is great. It has a lot of the same vendors as the Rose Bowl but they don't jack up the prices because it isn't THE Rose Bowl.
    See you Sunday Eddie!!

  4. Thanks for listing the good flea spots for out of town addicts.


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