A Fornasetti Station Wagon?!

One of the few things that I actively collect are plates from Piero Fornasetti's Tema e Variazion collection. I've been enchanted by his portraits of Julia for years. In college I even decoupaged my bedroom door with pictures of the plates that I printed up. Now I'm all grows up and I currently own 6 of them (courtesy of my future in-laws).

Apparently not only did Fornasetti create some of the most graphic and beautiful home decor items, he also tricked out 2 station wagons with his signature imagery. Now you too can have one for only $9000. Just head on over to eBay for you chance to get your hands on this piece of history.

From the NY Times:
According to Barnaba Fornasetti, the 59-year-old designer who took over the business when his father, Piero, died in 1988, the Mercedes is the second of two cars that the studio customized. The first was a white Ford Granada wagon embellished with Fornasetti’s famed architectural print inspired by the Procuratie Nuove in Venice’s Piazza San Marco. “This car has an architectural tema, too,” he said by phone from Milan, “but it’s not the same. This is really a fantasy architecture.” The younger Fornasetti customized the car around 1993 and used it for making deliveries for several years before selling it. Lari Store, a Milan-based eBay dealer in vintage Fornasetti, is now offering the car, which is currently housed in a garage in nearby Brescia. Via e-mail, the seller (using the pseudonym Rita) reported that the 280TE has a mere 75,000 kilometers on it and has an automatic transmission, but mechanical troubles with the 2.8-liter, straight-six engine would require a trip to the garage.

{via NY Times}

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