I'm not so good at the whole drinking water thing. Some have even gone so far as to call me a camel (Carrie... I'm talking about you). I mean I know it's good for me I just always forget to do it. The only possible way to attempt to stay hydrated through out the day is to carry a water bottle around with me.  But with all these new findings about BPA and phthalates in plastic and with aluminum bottles that make water taste gross, I've been on the hunt for a glass bottle that is cute, lightweight, and sturdy. Enter Lifefactory. All of their bottles are glass hence they are  bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free. plus they are dishwasher safe (not that I have a dishwasher, but if I did that would be a nice feature).  For $21 I may have found a solution to all my hydration needs.
And for all you mommies out there, they make a baby variety too.
{images c/o Lifefactory via The Tip Jar}

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  1. I hate to say it but even with a cute water bottle it might last you a week. You are a cute camel sans hump!


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