Say what you will about Kanye being crazy and an ego maniac. I won't disagree with you. However, he is a great producer and a fashion icon in his own right.  Here he is with his entourage outside of the Paris Comme de Garcon show. Pretty slick. Although I do begrudge men who sport Goyard and LV handbags (ok briefcases) when I don't have any yet.

And men who have bigger rings than I do. And a ginourmous, blinged out gold Rolex (those are Kanye's hands fyi).
Funny side note... the top picture was reinterpreted in an episode of South Park. Hommie in the leopard leggings and yellow knuckle rings is the one most true to life. How does that feel Kanye?
{images c/o Jak & Jil, Gem Gossip}

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  1. Oh the tights!!! I think that's what you should wear in NYC ;)


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