There's no place like home...

After a week in New York, it feels great to be home in the sunshine.  LA was 80 degrees and beautiful this weekend and I spent it with Alex, going to the farmers market, unpacking, riding my bike, catching up with my Tivo, and not turning on my computer. It was heaven.   
NYC is amazing but I don't know how anybody lives there! I don't think I ate a piece of fruit or any vegetables the whole time I was there. My days consisted of waking up at 7, having a day full of appointments until 7 pm (all while wearing heels), cocktails until 9, dinner at 10, more cocktails, then sleep by 1 or 2. I mean I usually do not go out more than once a week, and I hardly ever go out on a school night.  But I am so glad that I went...  I got lots of great feedback from some of my favorite magazines (Lucky, InStyle, Elle, Glamour, Real Simple, Martha, etc etc) and I had some important meetings (that I can't quite tell you about yet).  I've got about a million things to do to catch up so I'll give you more deets later.  Right now I'm just happy to be home.

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