Banter Banner

Y'all have probably already seen these make the rounds but my love for adornment and typography kind of collide and I can't help but love these fun sayings by Banter Banner

"Sometimes, truly the French do say it best."
"For the mystical...the Leonard Cohen in us all."
"To be whispered sweetly."
"and if your sheep are Shakespearian."

A little about the creator, Angela Deane from the site

After moving into my new place last summer, I experienced a string of really tense dreams, so I purchased a GOOD LUCK banner (a la multi-colored HAPPY BIRTHDAY one my mom hangs yearly) and promptly hung it over my bed hoping to inspire change in my unconscious state.  Weeks went by, and as nightmares morphed into curious sagas of wonderment and love, I left the banner in place.  It simply looked fantastic when distilled in a room.  Elegant but kitsch.  Simple, strong, and stylish. 

I thought aloud to myself one evening,
"Why hasn't anyone ever made these to say more off-the-beaten-path things?"
And at three a.m that morning, I popped up out of bed and shouted giddily, "That someone is ME!"
And so Banter Banner came to be.  Drawing from my experience in fashion and art with regards to aesthetic and consideration of color, as well as an all around love for the power of the written word, I set about designing my own.  I've chosen phrases near and dear to me.  Playful, magical and upbeat, these sayings are put forth in bold colors - the treatment of the paper is mostly matte-finish, though a few nod to the old school with shine. The font is my all-time favorite: Century Gothic.  The shapes: stars, hearts and diamonds.
Succinct and sweet, these banners are sure to light up any room and face.

No longer only for holidays, but for the everyday. 
As art. 
As design. 
As inspiration.
You've got to love them!!
{all images and descriptions c/o Banter Banner}

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