Big Girl Purse

So as an overdue present to myself for getting into Lucky magazine back to back (one of the first goals I set when I started AGJ 9 months ago), I've decided I'm going to splurge on a fancy new purse. I'm even willing to pay full retail (gasp!). Now I'm not too wrapped up in 'it bags' but I really do like how these look and I could see carrying them daily. Thoughts? Faves? Am I crazy?

Goyard St. Louis PM bag ($940) with some cute personalization (more $$) a la Diane Kruger. Although these are apparently only €510 in Paris so if anyone is planning a trip I'm happy to prepay you :)

Balenciaga City Bag  ($1395) in some fun color like this girls

Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag ($1250) named after Brit It girl Alexa Chung.
 PS1 by Proenza Schouler Bag (starts at $1595) similar to the Alexa but not quite the same

The Balenciaga City is the front runner at the moment. I like the cross body options of The Alexa and the PS1. The Goyard St Louis seems the most impractical as it has no inner pockets (although the monograms are hand painted which you gotta love). Plus I tend to carry my bag on my forearm rather than my shoulder. Although I'm not quite sure this is a practical or wise decision in the first place. Do you have a favorite bag that I'm missing?


  1. Gregory Baltoro 70. You can see here: http://www.gregorypacks.com/products/mens/technical/15/baltoro-70 Most practical.
    Three of those bags are awesome. The Balenciaga looks cheap. That is my opinion.

  2. Girl...one day Balenciaga and Proenza are going to just give you whatever bag you want!

  3. oooh all are good...but the balenciaga is my fave ;-)


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