Dotty Vases

Yes. By now you know that another great e-issue of Lonny has hit the virtual news stands. Lots of great eye candy. I'm finding myself obsessed with Michelle Adams' (the founder of Lonny and Rubie Green) bedroom. In particular this gold polka-dot vase that is a Kate Spade Cloverdale Dot Vase from a few seasons ago. Where do I find me one of these!!?? Must find gold polka-dot vase...

**UPDATE*** I do love me a challenge. After some interweb sleuthing and a few phone calls, I have a brand new gold polka-dot vase coming my way courtesy of Abe's A Touch of Joy's Ebay store. He said that he has a few more coming in but I would give him a call if you want one. Apparently they are selling like hotcakes! I'm not going to think about how much it cost me ($200). I'm just going to smile and be happy with my new purchase. Plus Abe said that it retails for $250. So really I'm saving money or something.

{image c/o Patrick Cline for Lonny}

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