I Heart Pandora

Pandora only keeps getting better. Not only can you listen to music for free all day everyday and constantly discover new awesome music but now they even show you lyrics!
The other day when I sat down to do some good old book keeping I went to cue up some music. I saw this new little blurb and got intrigued... so I clicked on full lyrics and saw this
Granted this Black Keys song, while awesome, is not a lyrical masterpiece. But if I was curious what Dan Auerbach was saying right after that third 'no' well now I know.

FYI Pandora also has a Blackberry app that streams all your stations for free. This was very useful when I had to drive from San Diego to LA by myself with a sofa sticking out the back of my trunk and I had to drown out the noise of the wind and my pounding heart. Bisous Pandora!!

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