Vaction all I ever wanted

So in a great stroke of luck... the stars have aligned and Alex and I are able to take time off work next week for a vacation! Since we're not going on our honeymoon right after the wedding (and we're about to celebrate our 6th anniversary) we wanted to go somewhere a little more grand.  We tossed around a few ideas and decided on a hop across the pond to London and Paris. I'm so excited... but I've never planned an international trip on such short notice.  We literally bought our tickets a week ago. 

We'll be spending 3 days in London with a friend of ours then chunnling down to Paris for 6 days.  Both Alex and I have been to these cities before but it was many years ago. Any recommendations of sites not to be missed? Places to eat? Fabulous flea markets (cause you know I love me a good flea)?

I'm counting down the days until May 6th!!!

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  1. How exciting! Paris is my favorite city in the whole entire world - I was lucky enough to spend a month there. :)
    Definitely hit the market at clignacourt and be sure to haggle prices!! Foodwise, you can't really go wrong. Touristy things to do: the catacombs are super cool if you've never been, and the musee rodin is really amazing.
    My all-time favorite thing to do in paris, tho, is to wander. It's the best way to see the whole city. Oh, and be sure to hit the marais district (me personal favorite) - the shopping is insane.
    Whew! Lots of info! Have a great trip! :)


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