We're back from London and Paris...Alex and I had an AMAZING trip.  While it feels great to be home sleeping in my own bed, I still wish I was in Paris, picking up a baguette in the morning on the corner and popping into Laduree. We did nothing but walk, eat, walk, shop, picnic, museum, walk. It was a bit drizzly but somehow you don't seem to mind when it rains on you Paris. Here's a picture of us on a chilly morning in front of Notre Dame (which just happened to be 1 block away from the adorable apartment that we rented). I'll post more pictures soon, but now I'm off to answer about a million emails and play catch up.

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  1. I like your decision to use the picture of us at 7 AM, unshowered, freezing cold, and before breakfast. While it did allow us be two of the first 7 people in the door not sure it was our most photogenic moment.


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