J'adore Paris

Seeing Nicole's pictures of her amazing French Photo Retreat make me miss Paris something awful.
It also reminded me that I never posted pictures from our pre-wedding honeymoon to London and Paris a few months back. So a little late is better than never.... Here are some highlights of the Paris leg.

This is the street that our apartment was on in St. Germain. Yes that is Notre Dame in the background. It was one block away from us. You normally don't get to see something that spectacular five times a day.

My first Laduree sighting. That was 1 of 3 this particular day. 

A little lunch time picnic in a little park that we stumbled upon next to Les Invalides. Oh yeah. That's the Eiffel Tower behind us. We didn't even notice it until we were half way done with our sandwiches.

I bought myself a little something extra special at the Goyard store. I justified it by telling myself that is was way cheaper in Paris than in the US (even with the exchange rate). Plus you get a 17% VAT tax refund. So really I was saving money. Or something. Either way I love my new bright blue tote (did you know that the trademark Goyard chevron patterns are hand painted??).

The foyer of the charitable concept store Merci just outside the Marais.  I picked up a few more goodies here.

The market in the square across the street from our apartment where we bought breakfast fixings every morning.

My favorite. The Rodin Museum.

Another lunch picnic of roasted chicken and potatoes, baguette, mustard, pear, brie, macarons, and a park bench (plus my new Goyard bag complete with Parisian map).

Every morning we tried to go to Notre Dame but the lines were always crazy long when we got there. We decided on our last day there that we would wake up super early and go first thing. Well we got there so early that we were the 4th and 5th people into the church that morning (everyone else was there for mass). We had the entire things to ourselves for about 30 minutes. Magical.

We ended our trip with a performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons at Sainte Chapelle. We sat there enthralled listing to the music as the sun set through the windows. Oh the windows. Almost 7000 sq ft of windows. Le sigh.


  1. I think might be time to either go back or pick another amazing city...those pictures remind me how amazing that trip was and what a wonderful travel partner I had.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! Makes me miss paris something awful, too. :)
    The rodin museum was one of my favorites as well- I could have stayed there for days.


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