Somewhere over the rainbow

Going back in time a little bit (I've been a bad bad blogger)... when I had my bachelorette party at The Parker Palm Springs  last month, one of the many things that I fell in love with was the kaleidoscope of glass vases and jars in the lobby.

They remind me of the collection that Heather at Frazier & Wing has in her home (you can see my previous post and adoration for her collection here)

Down the rabbit hole with me...
 Glass beauties as styled by Johnny Miller (via Inspired Bride)

The stunning (but pricey) work of Joe Cariati.

I've now become obsessed with starting my own collection (not that I have any room or need). I've tried eBay except I don't even know what I'm searching for... Colored glass with lids? Swoopy vases? Decanters?  Not helpful search criteria.  I wonder where Jonathon Adler found them all! I know what I'll be on the hunt for next Rose Bowl Flea.

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