Hello New York!

I know that I've been a bad bad blogger and haven't checked in with you in over two weeks.  Apologies. I spent a week in NYC presenting my new collection to over 250 magazine editors and stylists at Red Light PR's Press Preview then I spent a week following up with them.  That didn't leave much time in the day for too much else.  Here are some pics from the trip:

 My set up in the Soho RLPR showroom.  It's hard to cram it all onto a 30" round table but I listened to Tim Gunn and made it work.

A typical moment during the event, swarming with editors and stylist.

I don't know how anybody lives in New York. I mean I love it there but I am always so exhausted after I leave.  Days start with 8am meetings then chug along until 6pm. Work is followed by cocktails which are followed by a late dinner (usually at a different venue and possibly a different group of people) which is followed by more cocktails and potentially dancing. Here I am with one of my absolutely favorite editors, Ms. Julee Wilson from Real Simple, at Dos Caminos. Post drinks and dinner. Pre-rooftop drinks at Le Bain  (apparently THE place to be and be seen) and dancing at Griffin until 4:30am. I guess it's like Diddy says, "You've got to be the last one in the club and the first in the office" or something like that. That's an awful paraphrase but you get what I'm saying.

So funny story. One of the editors said to me randomly, "You know Friday is the Open-See event at Henri Bendel.  Are you going?"  For those of you who don't know, Bendel's is infamous for their designer open calls.  It's like American Idol for accessories designers.  It's a first come first serve event where you stand in line for hours and then present your collection to the buyers of the prestigious store.  I figured what are the odds that I would be in New York with nothing to do on a Friday so I had to try to go. Mind you I was flying back to LA at 4pm. I figured I had to at least try. If I didn't get in by 12:30 I'd leave for the airport. So I woke up before the sun was out to stand in line.
This is the line wrapping around the block.  Notice the lack of light.

Fortunately I didn't have to wait in line alone.  I had my old intern Sarah (who launched her super fun jewelry line Loud Love at the RLPR event) to keep me company in the freezing weather. We were lucky that our spot in line happened to be in front of a church with steps to sit on. Here we are. Sittin on the steps.
 The line finally started moving.  Here we are in front of the main entrance of the store. About 2 hours left in line at this point.  We finally made it in to see the buyers at 12:15 (remember I had to be in my car for JFK at 1).  After a nerve wracking 5 minute presentation to a very dapper buyer, they said that they were interested in having me come back for a trunk show early next year. WOOT!!! And Sarah too!!! Perfect end to the trip. 

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