Parisian Tips

As a former nail bitter, I'm quite proud to say that I'm now able to grow my nails out long enough to get a french manicure. Not that I ever do. I don't really care for the traditional French manicure. I typically stick either with a poppy coral, a barely there pink, a neon magenta, a fire engine red, a taupe-y kahki, or a deep eggplant. Having a fresh manicure is one of the things that keeps me from chomping away. Once the polish starts to chip then I start to pick at it and then it's game over.  I normally paint my nails myself, only visiting a salon for a special occasion. However these images from YSL for their new Manucure Couture Duo Nail Polishes have me rethinking things. Especially that last picture with the gold tips.  While I am pretty good at a regular manicure I think I lack the steady hand for this kind of work. I see a trip to the salon in my near future. 

{images c/o Black Eiffel via 80's Purple}

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  1. Oh wow! The last picture is my favorite too! Look at those golden nail tips! It's like wearing little pieces of jewelry in your nails, how cute!
    Nice post!


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