I've never met a stripe or some neon pink I didn't like... so naturally I fell in love when I received this lemlem scarf from my in-laws for Christmas. It's from supermodel Liya Kebede's company that she started in 2007 to give economic independence to her native country of Ethiopia and to preserve the art of weaving. I love it even more!!!

From their site:


n. 1) hand made in Ethiopia from natural cotton.
v. 2)
[Amharic] bloom, flourish.
3) [history]
Since ancient times in the land of the Queen of Sheba, the Ethiopian people have adorned themselves in beautiful hand woven and hand embroidered clothing. The hand spinning of cotton and intricate embroidery was the work of women while the hand weaving was done mainly by men. It is our wish to bring to you an incredible handwork and help preserve this ancient art form by creating opportunities for the Artisans.

{images c/o lemlem}

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