New Year Greetings

Sorry for being so quiet these last few weeks.  Since the day after Thanksgiving, my world has been consumed with all things jewelry... especially since the other jeweler that I work with was recently featured on The Today Show and sold about a bajillion orders in 24 hours (ok. Maybe not a bajillion. But it feels like it). Not that I'm complaining. It's amazing. The power of a 20 second segment on national television amazes me. It just means I've been working all day, every day to ship the thousands of orders that we received. 

I hope your holiday was full of happiness, yumminess, and loveliness. As for me... I wish I was in this flower field instead of in the proverbial weeds. I hope to resume regular posting soon.

{image c/o Bonnie Tsang}

1 comment:

  1. Take it easy pretty lady! Mochi says 'hi'...and I say happy new year :)


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