Up Up and Away....

A lot has happened since we spoke last.
I went to Tokyo (beyond amazing), we pretty much finished shipping the bajillion orders from Maya's Today Show segment (phew), I got me a good hair cut that was way overdue (thanks Kristin), I celebrated my 6 month wedding anniversary (love you squeezle),  AND (drum roll please) I signed a lease on a studio space of my very own!! Up until this point I have been running AGJ while working full time for Maya.  Juggling the two has been exhausting to say the least but Maya has been so supportive and understanding of my budding little business. She was even kind enough to let me share her studio space. Well the time has come to spread my little wings. Starting this week I'll be working 2 days a week for Maya and spending the rest of the time down the hall in my own studio. Close enough to holler but far enough away for a clear head. It took so much hard work to get to this point and I'm beyond thankful to all of you. Once the dust settles over there I'll check back  in with more details.

{photo of Richard Simmons' AMAZING letterhead c/o Letterheady via Design Love Fest}


  1. Everyday you're hustle'n. Keep up the good work!

  2. congratulations! that is exciting and inspiring! i'd love to see some peeks of your space :)

  3. Did you photoshop that picture of Richard Simmons, lol? Nah, it sounds like something he would do. Good luck with your busy busy schedule!


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