Hola Ombre

I'm back from a week full of sunshine (with a few tropical rain storms) and relaxation. I sure could get used to that island lifestyle. Wake up at 7. Go for a swim. Eat breakfast. Go snorkeling. Take a nap. Eat lunch. Go stand up paddleboarding (apparently I'm a natural. I didn't fall down at all my first time trying it). Read a book. Take a swim.  Watch the sunset. Eat dinner. Play Apples to Apples. Go to sleep. Repeat. Yeah. I could definitly get used to that. 

One thing I did before I left was get my first gel manicure. I figured with the amount of time I was going to be spending in the water it might be a good to protect my nails a bit. I've got to say I'm not disappointed. I didn't do any of the crazy patterns or colors, just a classic coral red. Over a week later they still look pretty darn good. Very shiny. Only problem is they are starting to grow out. Which forces me to go back to the salon and either have them taken off or redone. And thus starts a high maintenance beauty regime that I pretty much always try to avoid. I think I'll just have them taken off. But it's good to know that I'm not mad at them and I'll probably do them again some time. In the mean time, I might try a DIY version of these ombre nails. How do you not smile when you see these babies?

{image c/o The Beauty Department - a surprisingly good new blog from Lauren Conrad}

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