The Bright Side Project

Great concept - check
Awesome products - check
Thought provoking questions - check
Free stuff given away every day - check
2 super cute ladies trying to make the world a little bit brighter - double check
In my book, the Bright Side Project has all their bases covered.

In a world that can seem a bit gloomy lately, these 2 ladies started The Bright Side Project to add a bit of sunshine to your daily life. Both have day jobs and started BSP as a labor of love. They selflessly scour the web for fab products and then find people to give said products to for free. They come up with a creative new theme each month to keep things fresh. All you have to do is answer a question (along the lines of "What scent reminds you of your childhood?" or "What mantra do you live by?" rather than some Jeopardy-esque trivia about Thomas Jefferson). The person with the most resonating answer wins. Plain and simple. There's no catch. What's not to love about that!! That's why I'm honored to have my initial necklaces featured as the finale for their May giveaway (which had a typography theme).

Click here to enter to win your very own 14k gold with diamond initial!!

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