I'm feelin the love... Our Love is Here to Stay - Enormous Champion $70 (also comes in an adorable card form)

I have no recollection where I got this picture or whose living room this is (I'm shaking my fist in the air for saving pics of homes that inspire me in a generic "D is for Design" folder on my desktop with no helpful info).
However, this might be the same print. Even though it looks like the original might be a mirror.
Love Poster - Dandy Star £45

The Original ABC Love Screen Print $39 and Love Candy $25 - both by Jennifer Ramos

La La Love You - Sparkle Power $10

Big Love - Yumalum $35

Love is the New Black - The Love Shop $40

Love Lines - Paper Relish $10

Another picture whose origin is unknown to me...

but potentially could be recreated with these (although I still think the headboard version is way better).
Love Pillow- Nuka $16

Love - Bold and Noble $49
Love is the Thing - Accesori $20

A classic
Love Heart - Alexander Girard $89

Soon to be released for the hipster in all of us by Urban Outfitters (via Oh Joy)

The Grand Daddy (originally designed for a Christmas card).
Love Sculpture - Robert Indiana circa 1964

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