Pretty Porcelain

I woke up this morning very excited about a new vase that my lovely BF Alex bought for me last night after we finished watching the new Pixar movie UP (a must see by the way!!) and slurping up ramen in Little Saigon. I can't find a picture online of the exact one I got, but you get the idea from this. Instead of being a bowl, mine is a cylindrical and tall (about 20"). I'm trying to figure out what to put in it... fresh peonies from TJs?

This got me thinking about all the cute little porcelain things that are on my proverbial wish list. If only I had the room (and money) for all of them. When Alex bought my present last night, I believe his exact words were, "I can't believe that I just encouraged you buying yet another vase that we don't have room for." Thanks honey! I'm glad you understand me :)

Clockwise from top left: Up in the Air Somewhere gold rimmed dishes $55; Meyer Lavigne Rainy Days porcelain vase $42.36; Laura Walls Taylor Canary Mug $29; Roost porcelain feathers $8 each; Mud Puppy bud vase with net $26; Alyssa Ettinger Knitware Vases $120 - $150 (which my sister got for me as a gift and looks great with some freesia) and Porcelain Mason Jar lantern $50 (gorgeous photos by Jen Sliker); Saikai Porcelain keys $8; Whitney Smith Cupcake stand $88; Klein Reid Hawthorne Chateau Bud Vase $88 (which I already own and love!!).

Perch! Letter Lights $110 each and A Container for One Thing $26; Nymphenburg Bowl with Birtd $2,319 Bailey Doesn't Bark Four Seasons Cups $107 and Flamingo Tea Set $95; Roost Owl Lamp $130; Paige Russell Vehicle Vases $125 - $165; Pretty Random Object Bunny Vase $48; Peiro Fornasetti Tema e Varization Plate #154 $179 (I don't consider myself a collector of things. I haven't had a collection of anything since my sticker collection when I was 7. I don't horde matchbooks or snow globes or anything like that. But I have this plate along with 2 other Fornasetti plates and I don't see myself stopping here); Sara Paloma Matte Bottle Collection $750.

Sophie Cook Porcelain Teardrop and Pod Vases


  1. thanks so much for featuring my lanterns!

    can you please add a credit for the shots you've used? jen sliker is my photographer and i need her to be credited when the shots are used.

    thanks for understanding.
    alyssa (ettinger)

  2. Hi Alyssa,
    Of course... I've updated the post. She takes great pictures! Thanks for stopping by.


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