Sleeping Situations

Me = 5'2" cuddler
My BF = 6' light sleeper
ME + BF = I sleep soundly all night and he tells me we might need to get separate beds soon.

Apparently, not only does my cuddling disturb Alex's delicate REM cycles, but I am also a bed hog. This results in Alex requesting that I start the night off with only a sliver of real estate between me and the edge of the bed which I oblige as any good girlfriend would. As the night progresses, I guess I am guilty of migrating his direction. It's not my fault... I go where the warmth is! Plus I'm 5'2"!! He should be able to push me out of his business zone. He said that he's tried but that I am like a log when I'm asleep and he can't budge me. I find this hard to believe. He competes in triathlons.

Well I think I might have found our solution while browsing Overstock.com last night.

Enter the Hug Me Pillow.

For only $24.97 (reduced from $39!) I might be able to solve our nightly confrontations. According to the website, this pillow provides, "piece of mind" and is "the perfect snuggling companion." Sounds great!! Now if only it had legs and...

I think their writer must have had a rough day when he said that you can "end your search for the perfect white elephant gift." This is serious stuff. This pillow might save me from a premature separate bed life. I would appreciate a little more respect Overstock intern stuck writing copy for a one-limbed fleecy pillow.


  1. That is ridiculously creepy and I hope you did not just order one.

  2. My disgruntled sarcasm is lost on you anonymous.

  3. i need that thing


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