2 Stylish Sisters

Grace over at Design*Sponge has one of the best sneak peaks I've seen in a while. Behold... the home of Gemma Ahern (FYI Gemma is one of my favorite names)!!

Such whimsy!! Such bold use of color!! Such smart use of scale!! I also love that this was done on a shoestring budget...

Gemma works with her equally as stylish sister Abigail at their interior design firm in London. Abigail has an equally as stylish flat. Go figure.

Same tricks. Same great results.

Abigail discusses her design credo on her blog and I couldn't agree more:
"Truly the most exciting trend in interiors right now is embracing eclecticism and mixing and matching an ever-changing array of items. To me this is what interior design is all about – a totally unsnobish way with design – its that off hand European kind of casualness that I love, whereby its never about the latest thing its more about whimsically mixing desirable objects that we cherish in a stylistic way."

Abigail has also just come out with the book, "A Girl's Guide to Decorating" that is soon to find it's way to me via Amazon.

Images c/o Gemma Ahern via Design*Sponge and Abigail Hern

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