Ladies start your engines!

The hunt is on.... I've tried on about a million rings but nothing seems quite right. I inevitably want this part to be lower or that part to be skinnier. I guess that is the fate of a jewelry designer. The tricky part is that I want to use my grandmother's wedding band as my wedding band. It's a very delicate eternity ring with a low profile that has 2 rows of diamonds in the front. Let me tell you, it ain't easy to find a new piece of jewelry to match a ring that is over 80 years old.
So to the drawing board with me. I think I'm done with the recon phase and now I've got to make some final decisions about what I want and design it from scratch. Right now I'm torn in 2 very different directions. Luckily my wonderful fiance is being very supportive of the whole process. I guess a girl could have much bigger problems :)

images c/o Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. Love these photos!! I used them on Gem Gossip, check out the post here: http://gemgossip.com/2009/09/01/the-quest-for-the-perfect-engagement-ring/

  2. Thanks!! I'll check out your post.


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