My love for office supplies runs deep. Back in the day, I made my mom take me to Staples a week before school started so I could get first pick of the binders and notebooks. I would then sit and use my label maker to label each binder, color coordinate the dividers, and make sure I had enough pencils, highlighters, flash cards, and paper clips (can you ever really have enough?).

O-Check is a Korean design company. They make journals, 3d retro greeting cards, calendars, leather goods, and other sundry office supplies. The name ‘O-Check’ is derived from the Korean word ‘gongcheck’ which translated literally means ‘a book with nothing inside’. Substituting a zero for the word ‘gong’ O-Check captured the essence of its notebooks which upon creation are empty, but come alive when filled with words, thoughts, feelings and drawings. Loves it.

images c/o NoteMaker (an Aussie retailer)

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