AGJ logo + stationery win American Graphic Design Award

My fabulous graphic designer Mel Lim has just won 5 American Graphic Design Awards - 2 for Ariel Gordon Jewelry (for my logo + stationery design) and 1 for Feng Shui Fabulous e-commerce design (my mom's website. check her out!). She won 5 awards among 8000+ other entries!!! Congrats Mel. You're so so amazing!!!

I can't think of a better post to be my 100th blog post. I'm not the kind of person who is good at doing things on a daily basis (taking pills, working out, answering emails). I never would have thought that I would have stuck with this whole blog thing for 100 posts. But I have. I actually walk around in my day-to-day life wondering if this picture or that vase would make for an interesting post. Hopefully I've come across a few things that resonate with you. Having an on-line journal to jot down my daily thoughts and inspirations has been great and I've gotten to know a lot of talented people. Thanks to all my readers for tuning in (Alex). Here's to 100 more!

images via Mel Lim


  1. I am sure you have many readers, you only have one active commenter. Keep up the good posts, pretty much everything you put up makes me think "I want to go to there"


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