L'Aviva Home

Indigo Throws made by the dogon people of mali

tenangos crafted by the otomi indians from the mountains of the mexican state of hidalgo

argentine wool runners

peştemals are towels that are traditionally used at the turkish baths

named after the persian word for needle, suzanis were traditionally made for a woman’s dowry

these hemp linen pillows were originally woven as grain sacks – each village and weaver used a different color stripe so that their grain sack could be identified at the mill.

handira are moroccan wedding blankets that are hand-loomed from sheep's wool and cotton in tiny berber villages in the atlas mountains (by the way... these are my new obsession).

All of these amazing textiles are available at l'aviva home. The site describes itself as a rotating series of curated online trunk shows. I think they should all find a way to curate themselves over to my house.

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